This is the latest version of the API! It is subject to change and may contain bugs! Use only for testing new features or at your own risk.
Invocation URL: /latest/fastlabel/addconsignment


Adds a consignment to the specified manifest. This call may return an error if you supply unknown address information and the manifest's AutoImport flag is false.


ManifestID - Optional. The ID of a manifest (from List Manifests) to add the consignment to. If omitted, defaults to the manifest that would be returned from Get Open Manifest.
CostCenterID - Optional. The ID (from List Cost Centers) of a cost center to log this consignment against.
UserID - A UserID from the List Users method.

Receiver Details:
AccountNo - Optional. Your unique reference for this customer.
ContactName - Optional. The contact name of someone at the receivers company.
CompanyName - The name of the receiving company.
Address1 - Receiver address line 1.
Address2 - Optional. Receiver address line 2.
Suburb - Receiver suburb.
Postcode - Receiver postcode.

Note: - The Suburb/Postcode combination must match our Price Service Calculator. See List Delivery Suburbs for a list.

Contact Details:
ContactEmail - Optional. The Email Address of the contact.
ContactPhone - Optional. The Phone Number of the contact.
ContactMobile - Optional. The Mobile Number of the contact.

Special Instructions:
SpecialInstruction1 - Optional. The first Special Instruction line.
SpecialInstruction2 - Optional. The second Special Instruction line.
SpecialInstruction3 - Optional. The third Special Instruction line.

ApplyRurals - Optional. Specify 'true' or 'false'. If omitted, defaults to 'false'.
ApplySaturdayDelivery - Optional. Specify 'true' or 'false'. If omitted, defaults to 'false'.

AutoImport - default false, if set to true items will still be added if to do not have stock or invalid addresses. No label number is generated.
Consignment Items:
Items - Mandatory to have at least one item. Items have 4 properties:

Reference - Optional. Your own item reference.
Quantity - Quantity of the same item.
Weight - Weight in kg. Items cannot have a weight > 25kg.
CubicWeight - Cubic weight in kg. Items cannot have a cubic weight > 40kg.

Items are specified using parameters named as follows:

Items[0].Packaging - for custom parcel types (see List Custom Parcel Types)
(...etc for as many items as you have).

Packaging codes are as follows: (please use the numeric code)