This is the latest version of the API! It is subject to change and may contain bugs! Use only for testing new features or at your own risk.
Invocation URL: /latest/fastlabel/addmanifest


Add a new manifest to the list of open manifests. Note: In most cases you should be using Get Open Manifest instead, unless Get Open Manifest isnt returning any open manifests or you need a manifest for a specific MultiBusiness.


UserID - The UserID (from List Users) who is creating the manifest. Optional only if the Account only has one user.
Description - A short description to describe the manifest (Optional).
MultiBusinessID - The BusinessID (from List MultiBusiness Businesses) to create the manifest under. Optional, if omitted the manifest will be created under the parent company.
AutoImport - true or false, used to mark the Manifest as AutoImport (Optional). If this is true then you must mark it complete once finished, see Mark manifest complete


A data structure like so:

    'result': [
            'ManifestID': 104409,
            'Description': 'Hello',
            'MultiBusinessID': null,
            'CreateDate': '2012-04-16 23:13:16',
            'PrintDate': null,
            'CreatedBy_UserID': 96,
            'AutoImport': null
    'generated_in': '268ms'


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