This is the latest version of the API! It is subject to change and may contain bugs! Use only for testing new features or at your own risk.
Invocation URL: /latest/fastlabel/listconsignments


Lists all consignments in the specified manifest, or that have the specified Consignment ID, and return all consignment details (including consignment items)


ManifestID - The ID of the Manifest (from List Manifests) to list the consignments for.
ConsignmentID - Optional. If specified, ignores the ManifestID parameter and lists the details of the consignment with the specified ID.


A data structure like:

    'result': [{
            'ManifestID': 104400,
            'CreateDate': '2012-03-27 21:12:46',
            'Description': null,
            'AutoImport': false,
            'CompleteDate': null,
            'MultiBusinessID': 39,
            'CloseDate': null,
            'Consignments': [{
                    'ConsignmentID': 1288870,
                    'AccountNumber': 'Account no',
                    'CompanyName': 'My Company',
                    'Address1': 'Level 1, Shed 5',
                    'Address2': 'Lever street, ahuriri',
                    'City': 'NAPIER',
                    'PostCode': '4104',
                    'SpecialInstruction1': ' Special 1',
                    'SpecialInstruction2': 'Special 2',
                    'SpecialInstruction3': 'Special 3',
                    'ContactEmail': '',
                    'ContactPhone': '0687754555',
                    'ContactMobile': '0278455455',
                    'ContactName': 'Contact Name',
                    'CreateDate': '2012-03-28 09:12:46',
                    'DestinationFranchise': 'NPE',
                    'ThirdPartyConsignmentID': null,
                    'SenderFirstName': '',
                    'SenderLastName': '',
                    'SenderContactNumber': '',
                    'NotificationEmailSent': false,
                    'Items': [{
                            'ItemID': 1620373,
                            'CreateDate': '2012-03-27 21:12:46',
                            'Reference': '',
                            'Packaging': '1',
                            'Weight': 18,
                            'WeightCubic': 0.001728,
                            'PrintDate': null,
                            'ExcessLabelCount': 2,
                            'LabelColour': 'EXCESS',
                            'LabelNumber': '8W0000087910'


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