This is the latest version of the API! It is subject to change and may contain bugs! Use only for testing new features or at your own risk.
Invocation URL: /latest/tracktrace/pod


Perform a Proof of Delivery check on the supplied label number. This will check for the existance of a Delivery scan, and return the delivery information if it is available.


LabelNo - The label number to request a Proof of Delivery on
CountryCode - Optional country code


A data structure. When delivery has not yet occured, it looks like:

{ 'result': {
     'Delivered': false,
     'LabelNo': '5y0001927918z'
    'generated_in': '93ms'
When delivery has occured, it looks like:
    'result': {
        'Type': 'D',
        'Courier': '041',
        'Description': 'Signature Obtained',
        'Date': '03/08/2011 13:34:41',
        'Name': 'Dublin',
        'Franchise': 'DUB',
        'Status': 'YES',
        'StatusDescription': 'Signature Obtained.',
        'CompanyInfo': {
            'contactName': 'S Betty',
            'company': 'Usit 19-20 aston quay',
            'address1': '',
            'address2': '',
            'address3': '',
            'address4': '',
            'address5': '',
            'address6': '',
            'address7': '',
            'address8': '',
            'comment': ''
        'UploadDate': '04/08/2011',
        'LabelNo': '5y0001927918',
        'Delivered': true
    'generated_in': '203ms'


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